Diderot - A Python based WikiWriter




for the free encyclopedia Wikipedia


Project Summary: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wikiwriter/


Diderot is going to become the first full-featured, offline-online Wikipedia Editor with

·        Source Coloring

·        Source Folding

·        integrated Browser Window

·        Category Browser

·        Asynchronous Put and Get of Wikipedia Pages
(you don’t have to wait until a page is saved)

·        Parallel Editing of Multiple Articles


In the future, we plan to add a variety of new features:

·        Recent Change Agent with Notification Function, able to process RegEx

·        Search & Replace with RegEx

·        Integrated Watchlist with automated update

·        Automatic resolving of Redirects

·        and many other … participate and submit a Feature Request on our Project Summary Page!


Screenshots (click to enlarge:)




The first Alpha , which will come as a WinXP installer package with “Batteries included” will be released soon.


We need support! Pythonists please volunteer at wikiwiki (at) vr (dash) web (dot) de